Monday, July 18, 2011

For Mature Audiences Only! =)


Alright - so it's out there! And I DON'T want it to be =(   I look like Jabba The Huts long lost daughter.
But, I need to do this so that I know others are judging me and now have expectations of me.  All I ask is that if you are a reader of my blog, keep this to yourself, for it is humiliating.  I could have worn pants or a t-shirt, but it wouldn't have shown the harsh reality as much.  So I just ask, as a friend to keep this to yourself, and not to share with anyone else that I am half naked on here, to point and laugh at.  I know none of my friends would do that, but still, it's a insecurity.
For breakfast today I ate half of a pumpernickle bagel (more like PUKErnickel) with some whipped cream cheese.
Today at work I drank ONLY water, which isn't unusual for me.  I drink lots of water throughout the day to begin with.  Between my bottles of seltzer and being near a water cooler, my bladder is always happy.  I ate a morning snack of light strawberry yogurt and fresh blueberries I plopped in.  
Lunch consisted of 7 baby carrots, smart food popcorn, turkey and cheese sandwich on potatoe bread, and mini all natural fruit snacks.  My mom packs my lunches for me :)  So since this diet popped up last night, she made do with what we had in the house to make my stomach and diet happy.

After work I drove by Weight Watchers to see the hours of the next class I could catch and join up on.  The location I use to go to had moved =(  Fortunately, they moved only 2 blocks away so I was able to find it and and see that tomorrow, on Tuesday there is a 7p meeting I can catch after work.
By the time I got home I was STARVING!  I wanted to crack open a beer so badly but I didn't.  Mom had gone shopping and tried her best to prepare a healthy and filling dinner for me.
Mom's dinner consisted of pork (seasoned with a table mix), zucchini and tomatoes with green beans fresh from my aunt's garden, and a potato.  Yes, I am aware MANY of you will say I could have gone without the potato, but you have to understand I AM IRISH.  Potatoes are like crack for me.  Also, instead of margarine and sour cream many you of might be thinking "she should have put the veggies on top of the potato for flavor instead of margarine and sour cream".  Yea....I know that too.  But that would RUIN my potato.  I'm an Irish gal who was raised on potatoes with sour cream.  The difference now between other times is that I put NO salt on any of the items on this plate (I'm a salt fiend), and I didn't use REAL butter on my potato, and less sour cream than usual.

Mom is going to chop up the last pork piece leftover and put it with the mixed veggies tomorrow for me for lunch at work.  YES! Something that is not lunch meat sandwich! woohoo! (I shouldn't complain though - she packs my lunches and that a lot more than what most 23 year old's mothers do)

 After dinner, I knew I needed to walk.  My goal was just one mile. Lame I know, BUT it beats sitting on a couch.  I drove down to my high school's track, hoping I'd be alone so no one would see me struggle.  As I pulled up to park, the band camp people were practicing on the field.......yay.  I was about to turn around and drive home, but I saw other people walking around the track and thought to myself "this was MY high school I can do whatever I please!"

I was NOT going to be intimidated by the D-lister cast of "American Pie".  I was going to walk regardless.  My high school's track mile = four laps. I planned on walking 3 of the laps, and running for the 4th.  Well now running seemed out of the question with all these people around.  So I stuck to walking.  I didn't bring any music to listen to because it's too much of a distraction.  I spend half the time choosing a good song to walk to, or fixing the earplugs to fit in my tiny ears. =/ 

Just when I decided I'd giving jogging a go, here comes a 17 year perfect body blonde runner who came to run with her dad.  Watching her run....was impeccable, her french braid stayed in one place, her body was still in the right places, and her legs looked amazing when she ran.  She looked like a blonde gazelle galloping through the track,  
I couldn't help but hear this song playing in my head while gazelle girl ran ahead of me.....

And then here was my theme song when I gave the jogging a  shot....

Hopefully that made you laugh as much as it made me laugh! =)

After my one mile walk and pathetic attempt at jogging, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some healthy goodies - NONE of which were on sale.  I will share tomorrow what I bought, for now. I think I've written enough!

Lesley xoxo


Alli said...

Good job getting out there and walking even after a long day at work! Small steps are definitely the key. I know that if you keep walking and giving jogging a try, you'll be walking 2 laps, jogging 2... and then walking 1 and jogging 3... and then jogging all 4 :)

You can do it- I feel like we both definitely recently flipped the switch in our heads that will make us WANT to get into shape rather than trying and giving up. Love you!

Kate said...

I love that Trish packs your lunches... what a gem.

theme songs made me lol

I highly recommend farmers markets (there's one in haddonfield for cheap/local/organic produce.. I just picked up all my produce for the week for just 12 bucks.

don't worry about taking baby steps.. dana posted this on FB which I love:

and finally from a "real foods" standpoint I'm going to suggest to steer clear of "diet" processed foods.. including margarine. real butter from grassfed cows is the way to go. I use kerrygold brand.. from IRISH cows ;)
more info on benefits of pastured butter:

you can take this or leave it, just putting my 2 cents in :)

let us know how the WW meeting goes. keep it up, you're doing great <3

Shelly said...

I've seen that Fam guy episode a few times and I laughed so hard. I thought if that really was true I'd be in shape Hella fast! Haha. I'm really proud you went walking. You've inspired me- after a day of nothing I can't find it in me to do even that. Love ya Lesley!

Lesley said...

Thanks girls! Love your daily comments, it keeps me going knowing I've got people checking in on me.

Like right now, I'm excited to blog and diet and exercise bla bla bla. But if any of you ever notice me not posting enough, or keeping updates - get on me about it! We can all do this togethaaa

July 19, 2011 8:24 AM

Alli said...

Shape Mag just tweeted this link!

Lesley said...

love that article, fwinny! It's very REAL. :) Thanks for sharing

Melissa said...

I know at the beginning of an exercise program it's easy to feel like...a loser...but just keep working at it and eventually the walk/run will get easier!!!! I'm excited to follow you on this journey :) !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bamf- Just remember to keep it real :) and remember the promise you made to me! haha

Lesley said...

I will always keep it real bamf :) You'll see - this way works too!

And I got your message yesterday demanding an update, one is coming tonight or tomorrow!